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St. Clair Packaging was founded in 1980 by Dave and Audrey Miotke. Dave and Audrey had a vision of a company that would be built around the needs of the people they served, their CUSTOMERS! They started the company out of their barn at their family farm in Marine City, Michigan. Sales contracts would be made during the day and Dave would run production in his barn at night.

In 1983, the company was ready to expand its space and moved to Marysville, Michigan. This was the first major step to what would eventually become a 50,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility which allowed the concept of just-in-time service and lean manufacturing to be executed to near perfection.

As the company continued to grow, the Miotke's realized the need to have increased manufacturing capabilities. In 1986, they bought a corrugated and chipboard sheet plant in Detroit, Michigan which was called Troy Die Cutting. The Miotke's would later change the name of Troy Die Cutting to St. Clair Packaging Metro. With this added manufacturing capability the company was now able to make special orders in hours to meet customer requirements.

When the opportunity presented itself in 1991, the Miotke's once again added to their product diversification by buying a company called Blue Water Chemical located in Port Huron, Michigan. Blue Water Chemical was a janitorial and paper supply company. The name soon changed to St. Clair Paper and Supply. This now allowed St. Clair Packaging to provide even more of a one-stop shop for its customers and prospects. 

In 1995 St. Clair Packaging bought a tent rental business in St. Clair, Michigan called Sunshade. With the addition of tents, the company also added tables and chairs and began to sell a full line of party supply products. Sunshade simply became part of St. Clair Paper and Supply and the business was moved into the Port Huron location.

In November of 1998, St. Clair Packaging added another company to its' family with the purchase of Alpena Paper and Supply, located in Alpena, Michigan. Alpena Paper and Supply which was a janitorial and paper supply company was now able to provide many of its' current customers with a full line of packaging supplies. 

In November of 2001, St. Clair Packaging took a bold step forward as a leader in the packaging industry by opening the doors of its' new 100,000 square foot combination corrugated and chipboard sheet plant and full line packaging distribution facility in Marysville, Michigan. This state of the art facility allowed the company to close its' aging Detroit and Marysville plants and move them under one roof. This facility also serves as the corporate headquarters for the leadership team of St. Clair Packaging. The 13 acre site allows plenty of future expansion opportunity.

In February of 2003 the company built a state-of-the-art Design and Development Laboratory. With the installation of its new Kongsberg Design Table the company is able to provide prototype samples and run short orders for any customer. 

In March of 2003 St. Clair Packaging bought the customer list of a full-line packaging distributor in Livonia, Michigan, Global Packaging. Global Packaging's customer base was totally integrated into St. Clair Packaging and the Livonia Warehouse was closed and product was moved to Marysville.

In May of 2003 St. Clair Packaging added a "high speed" shrink wrap machine, a Shanklin shrink tunnel. This machine wraps all food products in FDA approved poly film.

In August of 2003 St. Clair Packaging completed its packaging circle by diversifying into total fulfillment packaging previously done by a company called Quality Packaging in Warren Michigan. St. Clair Packaging now specializes in both governmental and industrial fulfillment. With this added niche, St. Clair Packaging can now, design the packaging, make the box, provide the internal dunnage, package and ship the product. 

Due to heavy demand from individual consumers, St. Clair Packaging added a Personal Packaging Store on November 3rd, 2003. The retail store, which is open to the public, is housed directly within St. Clair Packaging at 2121 Busha Highway in Marysville, Michigan. The personal packaging store sells stock and custom made boxes, moving boxes, packaging supplies, packages and protects products, and ships using UPS (United Parcel Service), FedEx (Federal Express), USPS (United States Postal Service), or Common Carrier for bigger products. 

In May of 2004 the company made a strategic decision to move St. Clair Paper and Supply into the Marysville location to enhance the overall one-stop-ship concept. The full janitorial and paper supply line of St. Clair Paper and Supply became completely available to the public as well as individual customers within the newly remodeled "store" at St. Clair Packaging. 

In November of 2007 the company became only the fourth company in the United States to own a state of the art rotary die cutter called a Rota-Cut. This investment allowed the company to pursue special niche die cutting, previously unobtainable.

In June of 2008 St. Clair Packaging became the first company in the United States to own the Rota-Print. This multi-color machine is very unique since it prints corrugated, chipboard and corrugated plastic.

In 2009 St Clair Packaging expanded its equipment line by purchasing a Bobst Die Cutter and buying multiple pieces of equipment including Mercury and Condes die cutters, right angle gluers and a window machine from Model Box Company in Cleveland, Ohio. These equipment purchases have allowed St. Clair Packaging to be one of the leading bakery box manufacturers in the United States. This product line is shipped throughout the United States and Canada.

In November of 2010 the company celebrated their 30th Anniversary in business. While St. Clair Packaging has grown through the years, the company has not lost focus of the Miotke's original vision, to focus on the needs of the people we serve, "OUR CUSTOMERS".

In 2011 the Alpena location was sold to the Manager Edward Bolanowski, who continues to partner with St. Clair Packaging in distributing packaging throughout Northern Michigan. At the same time our Marysville plant took further steps to become further automated to allow for quicker order processing and continued growth!

In 2012 St. Clair Packaging continued to strive for better efficiencies by installing automation equipment within manufacturing.  The company growth and customer service emphasis allowed the company to add to its’ transportation fleet.  Individual computer workstations were added throughout the plant to help integrate the plant on all levels of production.

In February of 2013 St. Clair Packaging purchased a Rite Size Box Maker from Entwistle. The machine manufactures small runs of various styles of corrugated boxes in one pass. The machine runs singlewall, doublewall, and triplewall sheets. The machine can run a sheet as small as 10-1/2" up to 240". This machine has served a great niche for customers looking for small quantities of custom sized boxes. 

As the food packaging and retail business has grown, St. Clair Packaging has continued to add new equipment. In August 2013 the company purchased a Heiber Schroeder window machine which installs window film on both corrugated and chipboard boxes. These windows allow consumers to see product within the package, which aides in the product presentation. The machine can run boxes with a blank as small as 6" to a maximum of 55". 

Also in August of 2013, the company purchased a Signature Eagle Folder Gluer. It was the first signature machine in the United States that could glue both corrugated and chipboard material. The high speed machine has allowed St. Clair Packaging to enter the auto box market which ultimately reduces customer cost with less labor involved in folding their cartons. The machine which runs over 20,000 boxes per hour can run a blank as small as 4" and as big as 64". 

In January of 2014 the company invested in the Sharp Shooter Inventory System to improve warehouse efficiency and to help manage customer warehoused inventory. 

In January of 2017 St. Clair Packaging installed a three color corrugated and chipboard flexographic printer which allows both long and short production orders to be produced. This machine runs both straight blanks as well as boxes and cartons which have already been die cut. This machine is particularly good for the food and retail industry because plain stock boxes, which St Clair Packaging has on their shelves, can now have a logo placed on the box to help better brand and promote the product and company.

In June of 2018 St. Clair Packaging sold its tent and party rental division to free up more space and time to concentrate on its core packaging business of manufacturing corrugated and chipboard boxes.   Also in June of 2018 the company purchased new stitchers (staplers) to help in the automation of their growing set-up box business which are used in place of plastic returnabales.

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